Dubai cidade dos contrastes. Do glamour x simplicidade.
Da modernidade x tradição. Do conservador x permissivo.
Do amor x interesse.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Writing non-stop. I'm back I guess! =D

This is a challenge that a friend of mine has given me. To write about anything for 5 minutes straight. Non-stop.
Brazil is an amazing country that will always be in my heart. People keep on saying that this is the only subject I talk about, but seriously i don't agree. I miss my family and the people there, I miss how things always flow, how we always manage to make things happen. o TAL DO JEITINHO brasileiro. While I was there it bothered me. Today it doesn't. Maybe because you stop seeing the bad things when you're far away.
Dubai is teaching me about people everyday. So many disappointments from those you least expect. So much joy and love from people that were always there for you, just waiting for the right opportunity to come shine and make the difference.
I'm happy today and feel complete. I found peace I guess.